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Just some klutz in Michigan. Saving the world, all the while doing a bunch of unimportant shit.
I live in a city…

Where all of our utilities and municipalities are city owned and run. The benefits are cost and if we lose power, it is generally turned back on rather quick.

However, being as it’s Christmas in this small, Midwestern town, the power is out and the city workers will most likely not get to turning it back on anytime soon.

So, to remain occupied, other than just staring at a lit candle or succumbing to sleep, I’m charging my iPhone via laptop to read up on my city’s illustrious history. Heh.

My social networking is at an all-time high, due to being on a two-week vacation. It is utterly, ridiculous the amount of time I have been spending on tumblr, twitter, and Facebook while watching shows on Netflix. My husband teases me on how unsettled I always am. I can never sit still (I do not have ADHD, just a compulsive need to stay busy). I cannot just watch a movie or TV, without completing another task. I am a regular Newton’s First Law of Motion over here:)

Enough babbling. For now.

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